The siblings project – May 2017

We were away at Bluestone last week, and the gorgeous scenery there was the perfect backdrop for this month’s photos of Rhys and Nerys for the siblings project.

On our last full day at the resort we went for a walk round the lake.  It was so pretty there, and the light was just perfect for photos; so soft and even.

Nerys was a bit tired though, and I didn’t think I’d have much luck with getting her to pose with Rhys for me.  So when Nana did manage to get them to stand together for a quick photo, I jumped in to snap a couple myself!


I am beyond happy with these photos!

There may be a bit of a ‘camera smile’ from Rhys, but you know what, that’s just who he is at the moment.  When we look back at these photos in 10 or 20 years time, we’ll laugh at the memory of how hard it was to get a proper, genuine smile from him in photos.

And we’ll smile at the way he’s got his arm wrapped around his sister.

And we’ll remember what a truly lovely time we had on our holiday.


The Me and Mine Project

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