The siblings project – June 2017

I’ve been sort of caught out this month!

Normally I have a post scheduled in for the siblings project, and a note in my diary to make sure I take some photos of the children together for it.

For some reason though, I didn’t do that this month.  So I was caught by surprise when someone mentioned it this morning, and quickly got to work putting this post together.

As luck would have it though, I did take some photos of Rhys and Nerys together yesterday!


For Steve’s first Father’s day 7 years ago, I had a photo card made with a picture of Rhys propped up on this black chair.  For two years after that I did the same thing, then for his 4th Father’s day it was a photo of Rhys and Nerys together.

For 5 years I managed to make almost identical cards, then last year moonpig stopped making the design I’d been using.  So the card for last year and this year will be a different design from the rest.  But the photo will be the same; his children smiling away on that black chair.

I wonder how long I can keep this going, if I can still squeeze them into that chair together when they’re teenagers!

I did have a quick look back at the photos I’d taken over the last few weeks, and found one more of the two of them together, which I actually really like.

This was from one of our many recent trips to Victoria Park.  There used to be a really fab piece of wooden play equipment when we first started going there, with a slide and wobbly bridge and fireman’s pole.

For some reason though they took that out a while ago and put some new bits in.  At first we were a bit disappointed as there’s no slide now, and the new things they put in weren’t really that suitable for little ones.

Recently though, both Rhys and Nerys have grown braver and more confident in their abilities and have started enjoying the new bits much more.  This was them at the top of a tower that is much taller than me!

I feel so proud every time I see them up there, as they just seem so fearless.  And they have complete faith that Daddy will get them back down again safely.  That’s how it should be when you’re little, isn’t it, you should have complete and utter faith that your parents will catch you!

I can’t quite believe that we’ve already reached the middle of June, and I’ve managed to keep up with this project every month so far.  Hopefully I’ll get back to being more organised next month and have my post planned out a bit better!


The Me and Mine Project


  1. Sarah 16/06/2017 / 9:47 pm

    Fab pictures – and what a lovely tradition to have started with the cards, I hope you can keep it up 🙂 #SiblingsProject

    • This glorious life
      23/06/2017 / 7:32 pm

      Thank you! I really do hope I can carry on doing it, he’s got a lovely little collection of the cards already it would be so nice to keep adding to it! x

  2. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) 21/06/2017 / 10:38 am

    Love the photos on the black chair – what a lovely tradition and such a good way of seeing how things change over time too. I love that last photo as well 🙂 #siblingsproject

    • This glorious life
      23/06/2017 / 7:39 pm

      I’m so pleased I started that little tradition, and that we’ve managed to stick with it every year so far! x

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