‘Show you were there’ round up (week one)

If you’ve visited my blog in the past week you may well have seen that I’ve set myself a challenge.

I’m trying to get in a photo every day this month.

This is the third year that I’ve done this, as part of my aim to make sure I exist in photos for my family.  And I’m trying to encourage other parents to get in more photos too.

I’m now at the end of the first week of my #showyouwerethere challenge for 2017, and here are the photos I have so far.


I’m pretty happy so far!  Considering it’s rained pretty much non-stop all week so we’ve not been out and about at all.

I quite like the variety I’ve managed to get in this week’s photos.  I don’t want to get the end of the month and have 31 pictures that all look the same.  I’m looking to capture portraits, moments and details.


Join in!

If you’d like to join in with me and jump in some photos either by yourself or with your loved ones then please do use #showyouwerethere on them over on instagram and I’ll go take a look.  I’m planning on sharing my favourites over here on my blog.

And if you’re a blogger reading this and you’d like to take part in a new guest post series about your favourite photo either of yourself or someone important to you, then please do sent me an email for more information – thisgloriouslife@gmail.com.

I’m looking to share stories of the photos we’re really happy that we are in or that we’ve taken, photos that mean something to you or that you think will mean something to your children in the future.  Or if you have a story about a photo you wish you’d taken that you’d like to share then give me a shout too.

In the meantime, check this post out if you need some tips on getting in more photos if you’ve not got anyone around to take them for you.



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  1. Katy Stevens 07/03/2017 / 11:01 am

    This is a lovely idea. Those are nice photos too.

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