outdoor activities for gamers

Outdoor activities that are perfect for gamers

One of the things I’m trying to teach my children as they grow up is how to find balance in life.

My son in particular loves to play on the computer, and would happily spend hours and hours doing just that.  So we make sure he has a balance between computer time, other indoor activities and getting out and about in the fresh air.

If you have slightly older children who absolutely love playing computer games I can imagine it might be a bit of a battle at times to find other things for them to do that they would enjoy just as much.

Here are some activity ideas that will hopefully tempt the gamer in your life away from their computer.

Outdoor activities that are perfect for gamers


Escape rooms

Escape rooms have become really popular in the last few years, with rooms popping up all over the country.

The basic idea is that you and a few friends or family members enter a room and then have an hour to solve clues and puzzles to be able to ‘escape’.  Each room has a detailed back story to it, and you normally need to either complete a heist or escape from a situation.

This kind of activity would be great for gamers who love problem solving and lateral thinking.  The whole concept was actually originally a type of video game so gamers would probably love to try the idea out in a more hands-on way.


Laser tag

This is a brilliant option for children and teenagers who love games like Fortnite and Call of Duty.

They can see how good their skills actually are in a game of laser tag, which has all the fun of the games they like to play at home, with the benefits of physical activity.

You could even book a laser tag party for their next birthday, so they can take on all their friends in a laser tag battle.



A more outdoorsy alternative to escape rooms for gamers who love problem solving games is geocaching.

This is where you use an app and a gps device to find hidden containers, or geocaches.  They have little log books in which you sign to say you’ve found it.  They might also contain little trinkets or toys which you can take as long as you leave something of similar value in its place.


40/40 and manhunt

I’m going right back to my own childhood with this one.

Younger gamers who love playing strategy games and things like fortnite may well love the action of these kinds of outdoor games.

40/40 is basically a variation of hide and seek, where you have to hide and then make it back to ‘home’ or base (this tended to be a particular tree when I played) without being spotted.

Manhunt is another version where most players have a head start to run and hide, before the hunter (or hunters) start looking for them.  The aim is to last as long as possible without getting caught, so you don’t just pick one hiding place and stay there.  You keep moving, evading capture as long as you can.


Whether you go with the latest trend of escape rooms or keep it old school with a game of 40/40, these ideas are all great fun for gamers in need of a break from their computers.  And the real beauty of them is that they’re brilliant fun for non-gamers too, so everyone can get involved.


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