Quick guide to sending a package abroad

A quick guide to sending a package abroad

Sending a parcel abroad is always a worry. However, thanks to advancements in tech, it’s become a much faster and safer process. There are still challenges associated with sending packages abroad, but the good news is there are ways to reduce the risks.

Here, you’ll discover a brief guide on how to send packages abroad to ensure they arrive safely and quickly.

A quick guide to sending a package abroad


Ensure the package information is correct

If anything is going to cause your parcel to be delayed, it’s incorrect information. This includes entering the wrong address, filling out the paperwork wrong and selecting the wrong weight.

Did you know for example, that some international delivery costs are based on volumetric weight? This means you’ll need to times the length of the parcel by its height, times the width, then divide it by 5000. This will give you the volumetric weight in kilograms. If any of the information isn’t correct, the package could end up delayed in customs.


Choose a reliable courier

An important step before sending a package abroad, is to ensure you’re choosing a reliable courier. You’ll want to check that they specialise in international shipping and they have a great reputation online such as USPS. That way, there’s less chance your parcel will go missing or get damaged in transit.

You can find online reviews of international couriers online and they’ll help you to establish which ones are worth investing in.


Making sure the package is secure

When packages are shipped abroad, they typically undergo a lot more handling than they would when shipped nationally. This means the chances of them getting damaged is much higher. To avoid potential damages, make sure the package is secure.

You can do this by including plenty of bubble wrap and reinforcing the sides and bottom of the box. You’ll also want to use the H-tape method to ensure the package doesn’t open up at the top. Although you do want to add as much padding as possible, be aware that this could increase the cost of sending the parcel. So, it’s best to stick to light padding such as bubble wrap which doesn’t weigh a lot.


As you can see, there are several factors to consider when sending a package abroad. If you follow the tips above, it increases the chance your parcel will arrive quickly and in perfect condition. Always take your time to find the best courier and compare the best prices.


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