It’s never too late.

I mentioned in my living arrows post this morning that I’ve not been feeling well since new year’s eve.

Whatever this flu/virus/chest infection thing is, it’s really knocked me out.  I’ve been tucked up in bed by about 8 o’clock most nights so far this year.  And I’ve really not done anything other than keep things sort of ticking over.

And I’m frustrated by it.

I had such expectations of this new year.  I was all geared up to kick the year off all organised and energised.  I was going to have a plan put together to move things forward with my work and with life in general.

And instead I’ve just sort of stopped.  Which I’ve needed to do, this virus has been really quite nasty.  But still, I’m frustrated.

I’ve joked with my husband that I may as well just write off 2017 now.

It’s too late to bother now, so I’ll just try again next year!

But, all jokes aside, I am having to have a little word with myself and realise that it really doesn’t matter when I start.  There’s nothing magical about the 1st of January.  Just because I’ve missed that date, it doesn’t mean it’s too late.


Yes, I’m a little bit behind where I wanted to be, but it’s not too late!

I can’t write off 2017 quite yet.

Now my energy is coming back I can start making the changes that I want to make.  I can put the work in that I know needs to be done.

2017, I’m on my way!

Cuddle Fairy


  1. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) 09/01/2017 / 9:33 pm

    So sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. That quote is a good one to remember – it’s never too late to start over – 1st January really is nothing more than just another date in the calendar! Glad to hear that your energy is coming back – onwards and upwards! #candidcuddles

    • This glorious life
      12/01/2017 / 9:45 pm

      Thank you, it’s not been the best start to the year! It’s a great quote though isn’t it, and a good reminder to me that it doesn’t matter when I start, just that I DO start! x

  2. Mackenzie Glanville 10/01/2017 / 7:20 am

    oh so sorry that you have been unwell lovely, sending hugs and soup (well if I could send soup). I am glad you are not writing off the year though, I feel good vibes for this year, and it is never too late! feel better soon #candidcuddles

  3. Tracey 10/01/2017 / 11:58 am

    Awww sorry to hear your unwell , I’ve been pretty much the same. I think we put so much enthasis on January 1st and the New Year that it’s always slightly an anti-climax.
    Like you however I do have high hopes for 2017. Onwards & upwards.
    Hope your back to yourself soon , Tracey #candidcuddleslinkup

    • This glorious life
      12/01/2017 / 9:44 pm

      Thank you, I think it is finally starting to shift! Onwards and upwards indeed! x

  4. absolutely prabulous 13/01/2017 / 11:17 pm

    Oh I totally agree! All this over fussing about resolutions and January. Yes I get in principle of course and it’s not like I’ve not quetly set myself some goals of my own but honestly, there’s no need to put pressure on yourself. Nothing magical about Jan 1st etc. I do hope you’re staying safe and have the appropriate meds or whatever to tackle your virus. That’s the priority right now if you don’t mind me saying.

  5. Becky, Cuddle Fairy 16/01/2017 / 10:30 am

    I’ve been going around saying this to everyone! What is the deal with January 1st? I think it’s healthier to let January be a month to grow & improve without huge life changing goals. Maybe set some new ideas in February or March… take it easy! Sometimes those huge changes in January don’t last past January! I hope you are feeling better really soon. I’m so glad you are back with us at #candidcuddles for the new year xx

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