Me and mine – September 2017

I’m feeling quite pleased about our me and mine photos for September.

After leaving taking the photos for August until the last minute, I was determined to be more organised this month.  So when I knew we were all going to be out together, at the beach, with Nana and Pops handy to take pictures for us I grabbed the opportunity!

Last weekend, after Rhys and Nana ran the 1k race along the seafront, we all gathered together to congratulate our little runner.  I grabbed a few photos of him proudly showing off his medal, and then I handed the camera over so we could quickly get some family photos.

me and mine september

me and mine september

I have to say, my mother-in-law has been fab this year taking family photos for us!

I really love these that she took last weekend, and she also took some lovely pictures of us when we went to Bluestone, for May’s me and mine project.  I think I should hand my camera over more often!

With only 3 months left of this year, I feel pretty optimistic that I’ll actually make it a full year of doing the me and mine project every month which I’m really quite excited about.  It’s such a lovely idea and I love how it gives me a push to get us all together in front of the camera at least once a month.

What I really love though is the memories that the photos will bring back in years to come.  I’ll always smile at these photos, remembering how well Rhys did running his 1K, and how proud of himself he was at the end!



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