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Me and mine – October 2017

Considering the fact that I’ve been counting down these last few weeks, waiting for half term to arrive, the end of the month still sort of caught me by surprise!

I really wanted to get out to the beach or the park to take some nice family photos for October’s me and mine project.  But the children had a sleepover at their grandparents’ house at the weekend and the weather wasn’t really cooperating in the morning before they left.

So we set up the tripod in the kitchen and just took some photos there instead.  And even though I moaned a bit at first that they just weren’t what I wanted, the end results actually really make me happy.

me and mine October

me and mine October 3

I like the top photo.  The ‘proper’ photo of all of us doing what we should be doing, looking at the camera, smiling nicely.

But I love the others.

I’m so happy that I bought my little remote trigger for the camera.  It means that I can keep snapping away and capture these sort of in-between moments.  They show so much more of ‘us’ than the posed photo does.


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