Me and mine – May 2017

Would you believe it, we did it again.

Our family photo for May was taken well and truly before the end of the month.  Three months in a row now we’ve not only managed to get a photo of the four of us together, but we’ve managed to avoid a last minute indoors-at-bedtime-kids-in-their-pjs photo!

Our photo for May was taken on our holiday to Bluestone, and all credit goes to my mother-in-law who captured this fab picture for us.


I absolutely love this photo of our little family.

From our strangely matching-yet-clashing outfits to the happy looks on our faces.  All against the gorgeous backdrop of the Bluestone lake.  I think this might be one to print out and display at home.

What did make me laugh about it though is that we managed to mix up our pose.  Not a lot, but see, in all our family photos so far this year it’s been me holding/next to Nerys and Steve holding/next to Rhys.  I’m not sure why, that just seems to be our natural formation!

And I pointed this out to Steve at the end of April, after looking back at the me and mine photos we’d taken so far.  So it has made me happy that we managed to get a slightly different arrangement for our photo for May.

Who knows, maybe we’ll really mix things up in June and try a different pose altogether!


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