Me and Mine – April 2018

It feels a bit strange looking at these photos now, while I’m sat in a hoodie and drinking coffee to try and ward off the chill in the air.  But not so long ago we had a spell of lovely, warm, sunny weather that meant we could take our first family photos of the year without coats on!

We went for a walk around Singleton park, and managed to grab these couple of picture by the Gorsedd and mine april 2018

After a fairly quiet month in March, April sort of followed suit.

We had a lovely break from the day to day routine during the Easter holidays, especially because Steve managed to get a fair bit of time off work.  I think we were all in need of time to just hang out and slow down a bit though, so we didn’t do any big days out or anything.

Instead we pottered around at home, and went for walks together along the seafront and around the marina.  And that seemed to set the tone for the month as a whole.

The one big event we did have for April though was Rhys’ birthday.

We are now the proud parents of a seven year old and a four year old and I’m still sort of getting my head around that fact!  All of a sudden both the children seem so much older and I’m not quite ready for it.

Rhys lost his first tooth the week of his birthday and it seemed almost symbolic, as if it was marking him moving on to another new stage in his life.  The night before his birthday he got quite emotional, and told me that he’ll miss being six.  And I just thought, me too.

Seven is going to be a whole new adventure though, and I’m quite excited to see what Rhys makes of it.


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  1. Wave to Mummy 02/05/2018 / 12:59 am

    Gorgeous photos and I know what you mean about sitting in jumpers now… It has been cold! Congrats on Rhys losing his first tooth – becoming a big boy now 🙂

    • This glorious life
      06/05/2018 / 9:27 pm

      Thank you, and bless him he was one of the last in his class to loose a tooth so it really feels like a bit milestone now! x

  2. Laura | Little Ladies Big World 10/05/2018 / 4:56 pm

    The weather is such a contradiction at the moment isn’t it? I also always get like that with the children after their birthday, each year is still a shock! #meandmine

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