Me and mine – January 2017

Every month I see these lovely family photos pop up on my newsfeed.  Bloggers and photographers taking part in the me and mine project, which aims to get us all in front of the camera once a month as a family.

This is the year I really hope I will manage to join in every single month.

And I’m off to a good start.  We have a family portrait for January!


This was taken by my mother-in-law in Victoria park in Swansea.

We had finally made it out of the house for a walk on the beach all together, after weeks and weeks of me feeling ill with a virus that I just can’t seem to shift.

Most weekends I’ve ended up heading back to bed for a lie down in the afternoons, my body just badly in need of rest to try and fight this bug off.  Which means we’ve not really been out and about that much this month.

So even though I was still bunged up and coughing, it was really lovely to head out in a window of sunshine and breathe in some sea air.

And I’m really pleased that we went, and that I took the camera along, so we could all cwtch in together and get this photo.

Hopefully the rest of the year will be a bit less germy and offer plenty more family photo opportunities!


The Me and Mine Project
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