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Me and Mine – May 2018

In 2017 we managed to get a family photo every month for the me and mine project, which I’m still really proud of.

It seems like it should be quite easy, to snap a quick family picture each month, but it’s something I’ve found strangely tricky at times.  One thing that really helped me complete the project last year was to relax the rules a little bit.  If I realise right at the end of a month that we’ve not taken a family photo yet, I don’t panic about it.

I’ve decided that I would rather ‘cheat’ and take a photo a few days into the next month than rush a photo on the last day, when no one is really in the mood and the lighting is rubbish and so on.

This is what I did for May this year.

We had a few opportunities to take family photos last week, with it being half term and Steve being off work.  But it just didn’t happen.  So our family photos for May ended up being taken at the beginning of June.

And I feel the same way about it that I did on the few occasions last year that this happened.  I’m really glad that we waited.

Me and mine May 2018

me and mine may 2018

We could’ve taken our photos at the end of May.  But they would’ve been taken inside, on a grey gloomy day, when none of us were really in the mood to do it.

By cheating the system a little bit, and taking them a few days late, I have photos that I really love.

I actually took our tripod down to the beach with us, knowing that I wanted to get these family pictures and I’m so pleased that I did it.  I thought I would feel a bit self-conscious about it, but I really didn’t.

I don’t think anyone gave us a second glance to be honest.

And it was so much easier to get these photos than it would’ve been if I’d had to balance the camera on our backpack or something.  I’m not sure I want to start carrying the tripod around with me every time we go out somewhere, but it is something I’ll definitely do again on days I know I want to take a photo with all of us in somewhere like the beach where there’s not an easily available bench or wall to put the camera on.

Do you take family photos regularly?  How do you go about it; with a tripod or by balancing the camera wherever you possibly can?!

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