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Me and Mine – June 2020

How on earth is it the end of June?!

I was chatting with Steve the other night about how surreal this whole situation is.  This is the longest we have ever spent all at home, all together.  It’s a good thing we quite like each other’s company really!

June has been a mix of sunny afternoons at the beach and in the park, and chilly wet days at home.

We’re really lucky that Steve’s parents live close to us, so we’ve walked over to see them pretty much every week which has done all of us good.  We went up at the weekend and spent a windswept hour in their garden, and that’s where this month’s family photos were taken.


I think we’ve almost mastered our lockdown look.

Steve’s lockdown beard is coming on nicely and Rhys is starting to rock a classic Bieber hairdo.  I’m toying with the idea of letting my grey completely do its thing, after dying it every other month since I was about 18.  I’m not sure though.  Maybe I’ll use the bottle of dye I already have at home, and then let it grow out after that!

Honestly though, the main thing I think when I look at these photos of us is that we look happy.  I wouldn’t say we have more time at the moment, we have so much to juggle and try and get done each week, but our time is more flexible.  And that flexibility has been really lovely.

We’ve got that bit more freedom to spend time together.  We can head to the beach or the park together on a weekday afternoon.  Steve’s had more time available to listen to Nerys read and to play Roblox with Rhys.  We’ve baked more bread in the last 3 months than we ever have before.

I really hope that when things start to go back to something like they were before we can keep some of this flexibility.  After so many months of living this way, I can’t quite imagine going back to being tied to timetables and rushing out the front door every day.

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