July 2018 Me and Mine

Me and mine – July 2018

For the first time this year I’ve had a bit of a wobble with the me and mine project.

Despite the stunning weather we had for a fair chunk of July we didn’t manage to take a family photo.  And as we got a couple of days into August I started to think about just skipping it, not even trying to get a picture for July.

Then I reminded myself about the fact that, for me at least, it really doesn’t matter if I get the photos at the right time, all the time.  So what if we have 2 sets of family photos quite close together, because we do it twice in August?

The main thing is that we get the photos.

So at the weekend we took the camera along to Singleton park and snapped these shots.

Me and mine July 2018


Looking at these, I’m so happy that we made the time to do it.  That we didn’t just let it go and not bother taking photos for July.  It really is a case of better late than never as far as I’m concerned.

I can’t see me ever regretting taking these photos of us all together, but I know I would really have regretted it if we hadn’t done it this time around.

Now I just want to be a bit more organised and make sure we actually take August’s photos in August.


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