Make the most of spring at home

Making the most of spring in your home

Although it’s always a little bit risky to welcome Spring in the UK, with the realistic possibility that wind and rain will follow before too long, the signs are definitely in evidence. Days are already getting longer, daffodils are appearing in ever greater numbers, and the mercury in the thermometer is edging upwards. 

As light begins to stream through our windows, then, there is no better time to make the most of the extra hours of sunlight by making our homes look all the better – there is a change afoot, and the parts of the house that suit warm light from a bulb don’t always benefit so well from natural light.

As the current situation dictates that we will be spending more of the Spring than usual indoors, now is an excellent time to embark upon making our homes ready for the new season.


It’s a great time to add little accents

Obviously it would get expensive if we were to change out our furniture every time the season changed, so that’s not what we’re going to recommend here. However, adding splashes of colour around the house is an excellent way to make the most out of the additional sunshine.

Getting some new cushions – or brighter covers for the ones you already have – is one way of achieving this, while framed prints of sun-drenched scenery are also a worthwhile step.


Time to brighten up the walls

Spring cleaning is, of course, synonymous with the season, and the longer hours of natural light can show up some of the negative impacts of winter – smudges in the paintwork that weren’t so noticeable when the days were darker can become evident now. As a minimum, it would be wise to wipe the walls down, but it may be an even better idea to repaint (or repaper if you’re feeling ambitious).

Take the chance to preserve the walls for longer, by picking washable paint – and if you’ve got a smoker in the house, persuade them to try a pod kit instead; cigarette smoke discolours walls and ceilings in a surprisingly short time.


Give your windows the chance to shine

The first thing to do with your windows as Spring dawns on us is very simple – wash them inside and out. Winter brings rain, rain brings splashes, and the accumulation of smudges can go unnoticed until the seasons change, but it will be inescapable by April, so take the chance to clean those windows.

Once that’s done, give them centre stage in your home; the additional light will draw attention to where it’s coming from, so add colourful blinds or light curtains (or both) and enjoy the fresh feeling it brings to the home.


The undeniable benefit of Spring is that it brings a bit more brightness to everything, and with a few simple steps you can make the most of that change to get an extra lease of life in your home. The above additions, and others, will give your home that added dynamism that comes from the season.


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