Living arrows 40/52

So here we are, week 40 of this year’s living arrows project and into October already.

It was Steve’s birthday this weekend and after a couple of days of rain, rain, rain we woke up on Sunday to a gloriously sunny day.

So we popped down to Swansea bay for a walk on the beach with his parents and then headed to the 360 cafe on the seafront for a drink and a welsh cake.

That’s where I snapped these photos of my two.

Rhys who didn’t stop jabbering away the whole time I was trying to take his photo, and Nerys who was feeling poorly with a cold so was quiet and feeling sorry for herself.

Living Arrows


Living Arrows

These two.  They’re so similar in some ways, but so different at the same time.  I’m loving watching their little personalities develop and seeing them become their own people.

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”



Living Arrows
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