Living arrows 27/52

I can’t quite believe that we’re halfway through the year, and that I’ve kept up with the ‘Living arrows’ project for so long!

I’m really enjoying taking the time to photograph my children every week, and seeing all the photos that other people are sharing each week; it’s fab to see all the littles one gradually getting not so little.

Most weeks my photo is of one or the other of my children, but this week I’ve managed to get one of them together that I love.  It may not be the most technically perfect photo I’ve ever taken, but I actually quite like the shallow depth of field and the blurriness of most of it!

These two are such a funny pair.  They wind each other up something chronic, arguing over toys and who gets to be the one to open the door on the way to school.

But they’re also wonderfully close, and really look out for one another.  They cuddle up on the sofa together to watch videos, and chat away in their room at bedtime (when they really should be asleep!).

This photo represents that close, loving side of their relationship.

The big, tight hug and the smiles on their faces.

How lucky they are to have each other.


living arrows fb

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Living Arrows
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