Break out the champagne

Now, I know for a lot of you this will seem really tiny, but I did something huge last week.

I took our car for its MOT all by myself!  Break out the champagne!

glass of champagne

See, pretty much anything to do with driving and maintaining our car is new to me.  I passed my test in my mid-twenties, but then didn’t really drive much because we lived within walking distance of everything.

So driving slowly became something to fear.  The thought of getting behind the wheel was really scary to me.

When Rhys started school though, I had to do it.  I had to drive him every day, unless I wanted to walk for 30 minutes with him (and Nerys) twice a day.  And you know, it’s true what they say, the best way to fight a fear of driving is to drive.

As the days, weeks and months passed by I started feeling more comfortable driving to school every day.

And I’ve been slowly branching out, driving to new places, pushing myself ever so slightly.  And I even have my moments now when, dare I say it, I quite enjoy driving the car!

But then, being a driver isn’t just about simply driving the car.

The car needs to be looked after.

So one day I took a deep breath and filled up with petrol, all by myself!  Don’t laugh, it was a big day for me!

And when the MOT was due on our car recently, we decided that seeing as I was home during the day it made sense for me to sort out getting it done rather than Steve have to take time off work to do it.

And you know what?  I did it.

And it really wasn’t that scary.

And we really did celebrate with champagne!

Next step, motorway driving.  I WILL make it to visit my family sooner or later.

One step at a time though.

I’m thinking a trip to Macarthur Glen, just down the M4 might be a good way to get comfortable with being on the motorway.

And it would be rude to not do a bit of shopping when I was there, wouldn’t it?!




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