Living arrows 2017 – 3/52

For the longest time Nerys had very little hair.

If you look back at my Living arrows photos from 2016 you can see that at the start of the year her hair was still really quite short.  And even now it doesn’t seem that long.

But then when it’s washed you can actually see quite how long it is in places.  When it’s wet you realise that, in places, it’s halfway down her back.  It’s just when it’s dry the waves and kinks make it seem so much shorter.

Sunday night was hair-wash night this week.  And I came in the room as Steve was drying her hair, and caught this expression on her face.  I think this little girl is going to like being pampered at spas when she’s older!






“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”


Living Arrows
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