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Living Arrows 2021 – 29/52

Well I think we can safely say that summer has arrived.

The children broke up from school on Wednesday and it’s been pretty much non-stop sunshine since then.

Nerys and I spent a few hours in town on Thursday, picking up some new summer clothes and some shoes for her after another little growth spurt.  Then on Friday I headed off to Kent for the weekend with my sister to surprise our dad for his birthday.

He had absolutely no idea we were going and the whole family being together for the first time in a very, very long time was, I think, the best present we could’ve got him.

While I was away Steve and the children made the most of the hot weather with the first swim in the sea of the year.


They went to the beach with my in-laws and had a brilliant time swimming and splashing and diving under the waves.

The weather is looking like it’ll be hot all week so we’re planning a few more trips to the beach for dips in the sea.  Luckily the tide times work out quite nicely this week so we can pop down in the afternoons when the sea’s really had a chance to warm up.

At low tide here you have to walk about a mile to actually get to the water, so we always have to plan things like this around high tide!  Now the children are older though we can be a lot more flexible with when we do things and I think we’ll spend a few evenings at the beach this year, knowing we don’t have to worry so much about getting them home and to bed at a certain time.

Are you planning on heading to the beach this summer?

Do you have to travel a fair way to get to the coast or can you just pop to the beach like we do here?

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