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Living Arrows 2021 – 28/52

One more week of school to go.  Actually, just three days for us, thanks to inset days at the end of the week.  The summer holidays are well and truly in sight.

The children both seem to have really mixed feelings about it, which I wasn’t quite expecting.

They’re really looking forward to the break and to have plenty of time to have fun and chill out a bit.  But they’re also both feeling really quite sad about the year being over.  Nerys in particular is sad about moving on from her year 2 teachers.

I think she’s still feeling some of the upset of last year when they missed out on almost all of the summer term with their teachers.  And she’s also so aware that she might not see this year’s teachers at all next year if there are still lots of restrictions in place.

So I’ve been trying to reassure her that things will be ok, and that she’ll have a great time with her new teacher in September.  We’ve also started making our plans for fun things to do and to look forward to this summer.


With things the way they are at the moment we’ll be able to meet up with friends a bit more than we did last summer, so I’m planning on making quite a few play dates with the children’s friends in the local parks and at the beach.

We’ve also got a few birthday parties to look forward to as long as the weather plays ball!

We’re not planning on going away anywhere during the holidays, but we’ll play tourists a bit at home instead.  There’s an open top bus that runs from town to Mumbles along the seafront, so we’ll take a ride on that at some point.  We might hop on the land train as well one day, which is always fun.


I’m hoping to find a good balance of active days out and quiet days at home, while trying to squeeze work in where I can.

The most important thing for me is for the children to have fun this summer.

I still can’t quite get my head around the year they’ve had, with all the disruption and home learning and spells of isolating at home.  They’ve both coped amazingly well with it all, and have had really lovely, positive reports from school too.

I think we’re all feeling pretty proud of our children at the moment aren’t we?!


Living Arrows
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