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Living Arrows 2021 – 2/52

Here we go.  The first full week of home learning of the new year.

We did three days of it last week and it was ok.  Not amazing but not disastrous.  So I’m taking that as a win and hoping for much of the same this week.

It’s been interesting seeing posts from different parents around the UK and hearing how different things seem to be in terms of the amount of work that’s being provided for children to tackle at home.

Some seem to be really full-on, with a lot of live, online lessons and full days of work to get through.  While others seem much more hands-off, with worksheets and so on being sent out for children to get on with.

Our school has found a nice balance I think.

The children both have a live online lesson with their teacher each day, which lasts about 45 minutes.  It’s long enough for them to properly cover the work, but not too long that the children start to get too fidgety.

And luckily both Rhys and Nerys seem to enjoy them.

Nerys decided to dress as Hermione from Harry Potter for one of her lessons last week which her Harry-Potter-loving teacher appreciated.  Nerys thought it was hilarious when he commented on how he’s still waiting for his letter from Hogwarts to arrive.


Rhys generally needs a bit more convincing to get dressed at all for his lessons, and I think he’s loving the fact that some days he can get away with doing his school work in his PJ trousers and whatever top he decides to grab from upstairs.


Along with their live lessons and the piece of work associated with those, the children also generally have 2 other pieces of work to do each day.

It is a juggle when they both need my input, and I’m still trying to work out the best way to fit my own work in each day without getting stressed and feeling pulled in 3 different directions.  But I think we’ll be ok.

I think the key thing for me is to just accept that some days not everything will be done, and try and get myself focused so that when I do have a bit of time to work I can just crack on with it.  I do find that hard though, to be honest.  Dipping in and out of tasks leaves me feeling quite overwhelmed, I’m much happier when I have longer to get into something, especially when it requires a fair bit of concentration.

All things considered though, if that’s the worst of my problems at the moment then we’re doing ok.

The children have adapted pretty well to doing school work at home again.  They seem to be enjoying their live lessons, with the chance to see their teachers and some of their friends each day that way.

They’re also both pretty willing learners which is something I’m incredibly grateful for.  We have a few small battles now and then, but generally once I remind them that the quicker they just get on and do the work, the sooner they can finish and do what they want, they just get on with it.

I just hope it lasts.

The Welsh government have announced that schools will be closed until at least the end of the month, and most likely until half term unless cases start to drop dramatically before then.  So we’ve got a fair while of home learning to go, and I have a feeling this initial enthusiasm from the children may well wear off before long!


Living Arrows
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