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Living Arrows 2021 – 16/52

Do you ever have those moments when you look at your child and it seems like they’ve changed overnight?

There’ve been times when I swear my children have grown inches in their sleep, and other times when their facial features seem to have shifted from one day to the next.

I looked at Rhys the other day and his face just looked different.  He’ll be 10 soon and I think his features are starting to change again as he moves into that strange pre-teen phase.

Nerys, on the other hand, just seems to catch me out with how tall she’s getting.  All of a sudden she can reach things that she couldn’t quite get to a few months ago.

She’s also looking different these days because she’s decided to grow out her fringe.


Most of the time at home this is how she looks, hair falling in her eyes, not quite long enough to tuck behind her ears.

On school days her hair needs to be tied back so we tend to do a ponytail and then twist and clip her fringe out of the way.  I’ve been practicing doing French plaits as a way of getting her fringe out of her eyes, and I can do a half-decent job – when I have the time!

In the mornings before school though there’s not quite enough time and I get flustered with it being so fiddly, so for now we’re sticking with me practicing at the weekends and keeping things simple on school days.

I did try just plaiting the whole section of fringe in one day (instead of splitting it into 3 and then plaiting those sections together) and that was so much easier, but her fringe escaped within about 10 minutes.

So for now we’re still just waiting it out, relying on her trusty hair clips to keep the hair out of her eyes at school.

Have you (or your child) ever grown out a fringe?  Do you have any top tips or ideas for getting through this strange in-between stage?


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