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Living Arrows 2020 – 51/52

I don’t really know where to start.

After everything that’s happened this year I didn’t think much would surprise me, but the announcement at 4 o’clock on Saturday that we would be going into lockdown at midnight completely caught me off guard.

It came at the end of a week of home schooling so my head was already frazzled from juggling the different bits of work set for both children, along with my own work with various deadlines that needed to be met.

I’m still sort of processing it all to be honest.

We’re really lucky in that we were only planning on seeing Steve’s parents for Christmas anyway, so we don’t have any difficult decisions to make there.  We’ve just had to accept that we can only see them on Christmas day now, rather than boxing day as well which is what we had planned.

In a lot of ways we’ve got off lightly.  I’m so angry for all the people who had got their hopes up that they could spend the day with their families and are now, suddenly, facing Christmas alone.

I understand why the restrictions have been put in place, I’m just angry that it was all done so last minute, after all the reassurances from Boris that things would be able to go ahead.

I’m trying not to dwell on that though.

Instead I’m focusing on all the things I have to be so, incredibly grateful for.

Nerys was a great help in reminding me of how amazing all the little things are last week.

She had been stuck at home isolating for 10 days, and then we had a week of home school and rain that ultimately led to her not leaving the house for 2 weeks.  So on Saturday morning the two of us went out.

We walked through Singleton park and spotted all the gorgeous wood carvings in the botanical gardens.  I let Nerys lead the way and we wandered down little pathways and over the trip trap bridge.  We watched a dog swim in the stream and threw sticks in the water to see how quickly they would be swept away.


Then we went to Brynmill park and strolled round the lake.  We bought duck food and tried to feed the ducks, but mainly ended up feeding seagulls.  We spotted robins and listened to them cheerfully singing to one another.

We walked and we talked and we took our time, and it was glorious.

Nerys told me over and over how much fun she was having, how great it was to just be outside together.  After 2 weeks of being stuck inside, just that simple pleasure of being out in the fresh air was wonderful.

I did have to laugh though, because the other side effect of her spending 2 weeks at home is that her feet have apparently grown, so none of her shoes fit her properly when we went to go out!

Luckily she now fits in Rhys’ shoes, so she’ll be borrowing those for a few days until the new shoes I’ve ordered her are delivered.

It really is those little things that I’m grateful for at the moment!


Living Arrows
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