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Living Arrows 2020 – 46/52

Last Tuesday was the 10th of the month, and so I took the big camera with me on my travels that day to take my 10 photos for my 10 on 10 project.

If you’ve not heard me mention it before, it’s a photography project I’ve been doing for a while now where I take 10 photos on the 10th of each month to try and capture life as it is on that day.

And life on the 10th of November was a pretty standard school day so most of the photos were taken on the walk home from school.

I took a few pictures of the children as we headed into Singleton park, and then Nerys asked if she could have a go at taking some.

So this week’s living arrows photos are actually the work of the children.

They took it in turns to take photos of each other, and then got me in front of the camera with them too.


I had sorted out the settings on the camera, and showed them how to lock the focus and take the photos and then let them get on with it, and I’m so impressed with the results!

Nerys in particular took control of the situation, posing me and Rhys on the grass with the last of the autumn colours in the background.

I love seeing them so interested in photography, with it being something I’m so passionate about.

I think it’s about time I let them take on some photography projects of their own to help them learn a bit more about it and just have some fun with it.

There’s something special about seeing photos that your children have taken, to see the world through their eyes in that way.  I’d love to let them do their own version of the 10 on 10 project, to see what they think is important enough in their lives that day to photograph.


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