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Living Arrows 2020 – 2/52

The first week of the new year back in the school and work routine went pretty well for us.

I had to wake the children up in the morning for the first few days as we all adjusted to having to get up and out the front door again, but by the end of the week they both seemed to have shifted their sleep patterns back to normal.

We were eased in to the routine a bit with cubs and rainbows not starting up again for another week, so we just had yoga club for Nerys and Taiko drumming for Rhys after school to fit in.

What was really lovely to realise was that the afternoons are already staying lighter, longer.  Before Christmas it was dark by the time we headed back to the school gates at 4.20 when the clubs had finished.  Last week though I suddenly realised it was still quite light at that time.

And on Friday when I was waiting around with Nerys for Rhys to finish his club we were treated to some gorgeous golden sunlight.


I don’t normally have the big camera with me on the school run but on the 10th of each month I try and take photos for the 10 on 10 project that I do to try and push myself a bit with my photography.

The challenge is simple, take 10 photos throughout the day on the 10th of each month.

This picture that I took of Nerys is one of the photos I took for that project this month and I really love it.  She was posting some of the thank you letters that she and Rhys had written for their Christmas presents, and was perfectly highlighted by that golden winter light.

Some times that hour that we have to wait for a club to finish can feel like ages, especially if it’s raining and we mainly just sit and wait in the car.  Now the afternoons are getting lighter though it’s actually really quite nice to have that one on one time with each child while we wander the local shop and wait for the other one to finish.  Because of course I couldn’t find clubs that they wanted to do that were on the same day!


Do your children do after school clubs?  

How do you find juggling them if you have more than one child?!


Living Arrows
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