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Living Arrows 2019 – 43/52

We made it.

After what felt like a ridiculously long first term back at school, we made it to the holidays.

Luckily for the children there was an inset day at school on Friday so we kicked things off with a lovely long weekend.  The children were so tired from school that on Friday and Saturday we did very little.

Then on Sunday we made the most of a glorious sunny day and went for a walk along the beach before swimming lessons.


It was so warm in the sun that we didn’t even bother with coats, and Nerys even took her jumper off halfway along the beach.

We walked, we talked, we gathered sticks along the way.

It was one of those mornings that was so simple, so ordinary but where I just looked around and remembered quite how lucky I am.

There’s a line at the end of ‘about time‘ where Tim talks about how he doesn’t travel in time any more.  He says, “I just try to live every day as if I’ve deliberately come back to this one day to enjoy it as if it was the full final day of my extraordinary, ordinary life”.

Every now and then I’ll think of that quote, and it always makes me smile.

It’s a really lovely reminder to just look around now and then and notice how amazing our normal, every day lives actually are.  In all their routine and ordinary-ness, they are extraordinary and beautiful.

And now I just want to go and watch ‘about time’ all over again!


Living Arrows
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