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Living Arrows 2019 – 33/52

We went on a bit of a mission this weekend.

My husband went out to do the third leg of his epic walk round Gower that he does every summer.  So the children and I did a bit of a long walk ourselves.  We decided to see how many of the local parks we could get round in one afternoon.

We went to Cwmdonkin park to start with and had a good play on the big slide, the zip-wire and the swings.

That’s where Nerys’ photo was taken.  She’s worked out how to get herself swinging now and is so proud of herself each time she does it.


After Cwmdonkin we walked to Brynmill Park for a play on the climbing frame and the web swing.

We wandered round to feed the ducks and then walked through Singleton Park and along to the playpark by Singleton boating lake.  Then it was back up through Singleton park again, with a stop by the fallen tree for a climb.

Rhys brought these sticks with him from the collection he keeps outside our front door.  He was busy practising all his ninja moves with them when I took this photo.


Once I got both children down from the tree we headed to our final park for the day, the little one we go to close to their swimming lessons.

As we headed out of Singleton park Nerys spotted a book that had been hidden as part of the ‘look for a book’ group that’s popped up recently here in Swansea.  She was so excited when I explained to her what it was all about, and now we have the extra fun of hiding the book again this week for someone else to find and enjoy!


By the end of our trek we’d made it round 5 different parks which I’m honestly quite impressed with.

I think I was more tired by the end of the day than the children though, I really don’t know where all their energy comes from!


We’re hopefully seeing my siblings next week which I’m really looking forward to.

We don’t all get together all that often with us being scattered around the country, and I absolutely love seeing all the cousins together.

Hopefully the weather and the tide times will be on our side and we can head to the beach, which is what we did last year.  You can’t always trust the two factors to come together here in Swansea though!


Living Arrows
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