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Living Arrows 2019 – 23/52

Does anyone else feel like last week just flew by?

The children were back at school after the half term break, but it was just a four-day week for them with an inset day on Friday.

The days just went by so fast though and all of a sudden it’s Monday again.

The children seemed pretty tired after the first week back at school so we didn’t even really get up to much at the weekend, so I’m not sure why it seemed to go by so quickly.

Rhys spent most of Saturday at his friend’s house while the rest of us had a quiet day at home.  Then Sunday was just swimming lessons and a little play at the park and quick trip to Tesco on the way back home.

Nerys wanted an ice lolly from the shop as a treat, and I managed to convince her that buying a box of these twister lollies was a better idea than getting a single calippo which was what she wanted.  I think she was sold as soon as I told her there were five of these in the box to be honest.

So she had one on the walk home and then another one after her dinner.  I think this might be an indication of the way things will be during the summer holidays this year!

I’m sure we’ve got a set of ice lolly moulds in the house somewhere.  I might need to dig them out and see what different lollies we can make with them instead of buying them all the time.

Do you make your own ice lollies?  What flavours do you tend to make?


Living Arrows
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