Living Arrows

Living Arrows 2019 – 18/52

I know it’s a terribly British thing to do, to talk about the weather, but I really can’t believe how chilly it’s been the last few days.  Considering it’s May, and especially after the gorgeously warm weather we had over the Easter weekend.

We still popped out for a walk yesterday, despite it being grey and a bit nippy.

We drove down to the far end of the marina where there’s a little park for the children to play in, and then walked from there to the other end to pick up a few bits from the shop.

Rhys and Nerys were both happy to have a different park to explore and play in, and they both livened up there after seeming a bit tired after their swimming lessons.

Living Arrows

Living Arrows


We’ve all needed to slow down the pace a bit this weekend, after a busy first week back at school and work.

Rhys in particular had a big week.

His class have started doing swimming at the national pool as part of their PE lessons which he is so excited about.  I think he enjoyed being able to show what he can do and he just loves being in the water in general.

He also went to cubs for the first time last week.

I don’t think he really had a clue what to expect.  To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect from it.  So we were all a bit surprised to see quite how formal the meeting was in the beginning.

Rhys was a bit overwhelmed by it I think, but he stuck with it and when the actual activities started he joined right in.  By the end he was absolutely bouncing, happily declaring that he’s already decided he wants to keep going.

I’m so happy for him, and really hope he does stick with this decision to keep going because I think cubs will open up so many chances for him to try out all sorts of things that he might not otherwise get the opportunity to try.

Just in that one session last week he did sports, painting to music, making fruit kebabs and then some mindfulness.  So I think we’re all looking forward to seeing what other activities he’ll get to do in the next few weeks.

Do your children go to cubs/beavers/rainbows/brownies?  

Living Arrows
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