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Living Arrows 2019 – 11/52

I know this is such a clichéd thing to say, but how lovely is it now the afternoons are getting lighter for longer!

We had enough of a break in the rain last week that I was able to take Nerys’ scooter with me when I went to pick the children up from school.  So she had a brilliant time scooting round the playground before we headed back to the car.

Then once we got home she asked if she could stay out and scoot around outside the house for a little bit.  The late afternoon light was gorgeous so I grabbed the camera and called Rhys out so I could take a photo of him while she played.

Living arrows


I don’t know if it’s his pose or his expression but he looks so much older to me in this photo.

He’ll be 8 in a little over a month and it feels like he’s in a bit of a transition; still so young in many ways but getting quite grown up in others.  I’m very aware that I need to keep taking little steps back and letting him make his own way, his own choices.  All while letting him know that I’m still right here whenever he needs me.


After taking a few pictures of Rhys I managed to get Nerys to stay still long enough to get a few of her before she whizzed off again.

I love this photo of her, the happy smile on her face, the rather windswept hair.

Living arrows


She has always been quite independent, wanting to do things for herself.  One of the last few ‘baby phrases’ that she still uses is ‘let I do it’, and she uses it quite a lot.

At her swimming lesson this week she told me with complete confidence that she could walk down to her group by herself without me.  What made me smile though was that, while she walked off happily on her own, she still looked back to make sure I was still right there in case she needed me.


My mum has always said to me that our children are only lent to us.

Our job is to give them the skills they need to go out into the world on their own.  To make their own way.  To live their own lives.  They’re not ours to keep or to hold on to too tightly.

If we do it right though, they go out into the world completely safe in the knowledge that whatever happens we’re always here if they need us.

My parents did it right.  I hope I’m doing OK too.


Living Arrows
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