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Living Arrows 2019 – 1/52

So here we are.

A new week.  A brand new year.

Back to the normality of the school routine after a lovely fortnight of no real routine at all.

We’ve had such a nice break over Christmas and New Year, slowing the pace of life right down and not really doing that much at all.  Not entirely by choice to be fair; I’ve had a throat infection since New Year’s eve and we’ve all been full of cold too.  So quiet days have definitely been in order.

At the weekend though we did venture out to the park to meet some friends and get a blast of fresh air.

Living Arrows


We have spent a lot of time in this park over the last 7 and a bit years, and I love that the children still enjoying going there for a play and a run around.

We did the usual playground area first, then walked around to the lake and the kiosk to feed the ducks.

I tend to get caught in the middle when we do this, because Rhys now desperately wants to feed the pigeons, and to try and get them to gather round him.  While Nerys is terrified of the pigeons, and screams when they come near her and just wants me to pick her up to keep her safe from them.

So I’m stuck with two children wanting very different things at the same time and it can be hard to keep them both happy.  I think we just about managed it this time though, and Rhys got to play with the birds while I held Nerys so she could throw the seeds into the water for the ducks.

We’ll just gloss over the fact that she apparently had dog mess on her shoes, which ended up all over my jeans when I picked her up!  I won’t go into how angry it makes me when people don’t clean up after their dogs, it’s something I could rant about for hours if I got started!

Dirty jeans aside though, it was great to get out after a few days of feeling unwell and staying in the warm at home.

I think I’ll feel quite sad when we reach a point when the children don’t want to go the park any more, it really will feel like the end of an era.


Living Arrows
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