Living Arrows

Living Arrows 2018 – 51/52

After a couple of weeks of living arrows photos being taken inside, I’m so happy to have some outdoorsy ones to share again this week.

We went away for a little break to Bluestone last week, and were lucky to have cold but relatively dry weather while we were there.

We didn’t spent quite as much time out and about exploring as we did when we went last May, but still managed a few trips to the park in the village.

Living arrows


The children loved running around and trying out the different bits of play equipment in the park.

Then we went to explore the tree house area which has little games dotted around it.  We spent a fair bit of time playing tic tac toe which was a lot of fun.

Rhys is now old enough to actually ‘get’ the game, so I was teaching him to slow down and be a bit more strategic when he played.  The look on his face when he won a game after getting in a situation when no matter what I did he would win on the next move was just brilliant.

Do you play these kind of simple games with your children?  How old were they when they started to really understand them?


Living Arrows
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