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Living Arrows 2018 – 50/52

It still feels a bit early to me but the festive season has well and truly started for us.

Last week Nerys’ class did their Christmas concert and it was just brilliant.  They did a pretty classic nativity play with plenty of songs and they all did so well.

Nerys was one of the narrators and did us proud, remembering her lines and speaking really clearly.  She was so determined to do a good job; I was so happy for her when she managed it.

At the end of the week the school had their Christmas fayre which the children always enjoy.

The first thing we saw when we got in was a big cuddly toy stall, and Rhys jumped straight in looking through them all.  He ended up finding this parrot backpack that he proceeded to show off to anyone who would listen as we made our way through the rest of the fayre.

Living arrows


The children cleared out all the cash in my wallet, and a few pounds of their pocket money that I’d brought along with us, on various games and stalls.

We also went to visit Father Christmas in his grotto that was set up in one of the classrooms.

They did things a little bit differently this year, with a group of us being taken in at a time for a story with one of the elves.  The children absolutely loved it, getting involved with the story and sneaking glances at Father Christmas in the grotto.

It was all done so well, I was really impressed with the creativity of everyone involved.

Does your child’s school go all out with the Christmas celebrations too?


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