Living Arrows

Living Arrows 2018 – 45/52

The children are back in school today after a really lovely week off for half term.

My brother-in-law and his family came over from the Isle of Man for a visit so we spent the first few days of the holiday with them.

The children went to Wiggly’s one day and then on the other days we went for a chilly walk on the beach and warmer splash around in the pool at the LC2.

Rhys and Nerys really enjoyed getting to spend time with their cousins who they don’t get to see all that often and it was lovely for us to watch them all play together and have so much fun.

We did have a bit of upset at the beach when Nana’s football got carried out to sea.  The tide just took it so quickly, no one had a chance to run and grab it back.

It wasn’t too long though before the children were distracted again by building sandcastles and hunting for shells.

Living Arrows

On Thursday Steve was back in work and I decided to brave taking the children to soft play on my own.

It actually turned out to be a really lovely day out.

We caught the bus into town and managed to get the double decker, and got the coveted seats at the front on the top which made Nerys in particular very happy.

We spent about an hour at soft play which was much calmer than I expected, then walked over to Swansea museum to meet some friends and join in with a craft activity.

The children had a brilliant time with their friends, and loved getting creative and then exploring the museum.

After all the fun Rhys and Nerys managed to hold it together while I picked up a few bits from Wilkos then we caught the bus back home.

Friday then was a day of rest.

We watched tv, played on the computer, did a few jigsaw puzzles and generally took it easy.

I think we found a nice balance in the end, between getting out and being busy and getting some much needed rest.

This term will be a busy one for the children, but it should be fun and I’m already looking forward to seeing both of them in their Christmas concerts at the end of term!


Living Arrows
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