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Living Arrows 2018 – 43/52

Half term is in sight.

Just this week to get through and then the children have a week off, and they are really ready for it.  This term feels like such a long one, and both Rhys and Nerys seem a bit worn out.

Nerys is still adjusting to being at school full time and I think year 3 has been a big adjustment for Rhys too.

We had a little taste of half term last Friday though when there was an inset day at school.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we ended up heading to Cwmdonkin Park to meet up with some friends from school.  It was just what we needed.  A quiet, lazy start to the day and then a long afternoon spent running around the park.

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The friends we met up with were from Nerys’ class at school but Rhys coped really well with being the oldest one there.

He played for a while with the younger ones, then happily played by himself on the climbing frame, pushing himself again to be brave and climb to the top.  Later on the afternoon one of his friends did come along too which he was happy about.

They ran off to play football together, pushing me to be brave and let him out of my sight now and then.


The rest of our bonus long weekend was pretty standard and low-key.

A visit to the local library, a walk to the shops, swimming lessons and a trip to the little park on the way back home.

Another one of those perfectly normal weekends.

Now we just need to get this last week of school done and we can all relax a bit over the half term holidays!


Is it half term already where you are or do you have another week to wait like us?


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