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Living Arrows 2018 – 37/52

Last week was a big week of adjustment for our family.

Rhys made the move up to the Juniors and Nerys headed into Reception and full days at school.  They both coped really well and seemed to happily fall back into the school routine.  I think seeing their friends again after the summer holidays was a big factor in how happy they’ve been to go in each day!

Then this weekend we had another change, with Nerys starting proper swimming lessons.

Her photo for this week’s post was taken when we got home, as she was telling me all about how much she had enjoyed herself.

Living Arrows

We went swimming as a family quite a bit over the summer so I knew she would be fairly confident going in to her lesson but I was still so proud watching her.

She went straight in and wasn’t in the least bit bothered when I walked off to find a spot to watch her at the other end of the pool.

Her lessons are on at the same time as Rhys’ luckily so I could sit and watch both of them at the same time.  Seeing Nerys right at the start of her swimming journey made me realise quite how far Rhys has come since he started.  He’s doing so well now and I love seeing how bold he is when it comes to being in the water.

I kept looking over to watch Nerys yesterday, and laughing to myself as she kept taking deep breaths and putting her head under the water.  I think her teacher was a little surprised by it, the little ones in the beginners group tend to be a bit more nervous than that I think!

I really hope they both keep enjoying being in the water.

Living by the sea like we do it’s so important that they’re able to swim and it makes me so happy to watch them having so much fun splashing around.

Do your children enjoy their swimming lessons or are they quite nervous about being in the water?


Living Arrows
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