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Living arrows 2017 – 14/52

For the longest time Rhys was obsessed with Angry Birds.

He loved playing all the different versions of the game on whatever device he could get his hands on.  He’s got books about them, has seen the film quite a few times, and has a rather impressive collection of Angry Birds soft toys.

But then, a little while ago, he seemed to move on a bit.  He discovered Minecraft and Pokemon, and the Angry Birds got sidelined a little bit.

This past week though, he seems to have remembered how much he loves them!

He’s been playing his own live action game of Angry Birds epic.  He’ll spend ages finding things from around the house that can act as helmets and shields for his birds.  Then he’ll act out battles with them, moving them around the house to different levels of the game.

It’s fascinating to watch him play in that way, with that much imagination.

Living arrows

At the weekend we actually had nice enough weather for him to be able to move his game outside to the garden, which he absolutely loved.

Our garden is a little on the wild side, which I would imagine makes it quite fun for children.  He definitely enjoyed clambering around the place and setting up his little action scenes with his toys.

It really was nice to be able to be out in the garden with the sun out (even though there were still dark clouds threatening to make their way over to us!).  With the clock change it meant the children could play out there quite late into the afternoon, something I think they’ll be wanting to do a lot now that Spring is here.  I can see a trip to the shops being on the cards soon, to pick up a new sandpit.  The one we had last year really hasn’t survived the winter!


Living Arrows
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