Living arrows – 14/52

Sometimes I look at Nerys and she seems so old, so grown up already.  I think maybe because she so badly wants to be like her big brother she’s picked up words, and expressions, and habits that make her seem a little older than she is.

But then she has her moments when my baby girl is still there.  Normally when she’s tired and can’t get her words out clearly, and the scribble talk comes back, and her legs can’t keep going and she just wants to be carried.

This photo of her resting her head on her Daddy’s shoulder is a real mix of the two for me.  A tired toddler, just wanting to be held, but who, moments later, was back in the thick of it, wanting to run with her brother.  

​My little/big girl.   

Living arrows Swansea photography

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

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Living Arrows
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