Living arrows – 11/52

I was busy setting the camera up the other day, to take a photo of me and Rhys together as part of my project for March (to get in a photo every. single. day).

So I took this test shot to make sure the camera position and settings were right, and I just love it!

For one, with the way he’s looking right at the camera, it feels like he’s looking right at ME.  And I love the slight questioning expression on his face.

I also love the quiet, everyday moment that’s been captured.

My not-quite-five-year-old, sitting (well, kneeling) at the kitchen table doing his homework.  We’re lucky that, for the moment at least, he enjoys sitting and doing his writing.  I’m sure all that will change in years to come!


I really like having these kind of lifestyle photos of my family.  The everyday moments that we’ll otherwise forget.

The little details of our lives, like the hoover in the background, the clothes drying on the radiator and the spotty tablecloth on our table.

This is life, and I love it.

It does look a little bit better in black and white though!


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Living Arrows
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