is a campervan break good for kids_

Is a campervan break suitable for kids?

Taking your kids on a holiday is fun for all ages, provided you plan correctly and choose the right destination and mode of transportation.

A campervan is a great idea for little ones, as well as for older kids. There are many reasons why the entire family will love a campervan break but understanding what you’re getting into will help you prepare properly for your time away so it’s both exciting and a relaxing break from the usual day to day routine.

Here’s everything you need to know.


Keep in mind the size

Since many campervans started life as a traditional van and were then converted to allow for sleeping inside, size is definitely something you want to keep in mind. Most only sleep 2 or 3 people, so you may be able to make a campervan holiday work with one or two small children, or one older child.

However, a larger family may not be as comfortable in a campervan, due to the restricted space. (Awnings are available to increase space).


Consider the amenities

Another thing to keep in mind when considering a campervan holiday with kids is the available amenities. Unlike the larger motor homes or RVs, most campervans do not have toilets.

That means you’ll likely need to book a campground along the way for comfort and convenience for nights. However, most campervans do offer small kitchenettes where you can prepare small and simple meals.


Think about car seats

There are laws regarding how your children are buckled into your vehicle while on the road. It’s vitally important to follow these rules, as not doing so can put you at risk of a ticket and compromises your child’s safety during the trip.

Make sure that babies and younger children are restrained in car seats and that older children use the seatbelts in the campervan anytime you’re moving. Make sure you have campervan insurance UK to cover you in the case of an accident or breakdown as well.


Plan your route

When you’re travelling with children, tempers can run high, boredom can set in and both are a recipe for disaster. That’s why mapping out your route ensures that there are plenty of stops along the way to keep the kids from going stir crazy.

Try to time long bouts of driving with your child’s sleep time so they don’t get frustrated and angry about being restrained for so long. For older kids, try to plan some fun spots to stop at along the way to keep them entertained.


Choose your destination with kids in mind

When you travel with kids, your final destination matters. You want a place where the entire family can enjoy the break and spend quality time together.

For younger kids, less-travelled destinations make more sense as there won’t be so much going on that they aren’t able to relax and sleep.

Make sure that any destination you choose is safe for kids of all ages and offers enough to do to keep everyone entertained.


Just as any holiday with kids, a campervan break requires careful planning so make sure you’re adequately prepared and ready to go on the big day.


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