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Living Arrows 2021 – 10/52

It feels like all I’ve seen all weekend is people talking about the end of home schooling and the children all returning to school today, and it feels so strange when things are different for us here in Wales.

Nerys has already been back at school for a week and a half, and we’ve still got another week of home learning with Rhys before he heads back to the classroom.

All things considered, things went well for Nerys with her first full week back in school last week.

She had a few wobbles, but went in every day with a smile on her face and came rushing out to meet me with a big hug every afternoon.

We managed to surprise her one afternoon, with Rhys and Steve coming with me to collect her.  I went in the usual gate to pick her up, and the others walked round the outside to meet us on our way out on the other side of the school grounds.

It was a really lovely afternoon, the children had their scooters, and we walked the slightly longer way home through Singleton park to make the most of it.


I’m hoping the weather will stay mostly dry this week so we can walk home again most days; it’s something I’ve been really enjoying doing while it’s just been Nerys back in school.

Next week though things will change again and I’ll have to see how easily I can carry 2 scooters with me to collect both the children once Rhys goes back too.

I have the same kind of mixed feelings about him going back that I did 2 weeks ago with Nerys.

I’m happy that things at school are as safe as they can possibly be, and I know it will be good for Rhys to be back in person with his teacher and his friends.

I’m also very much looking forward to having more time in my days to get work done in peace.

But there’s definitely still a fair bit of worry in my mind, as well as a strange ‘end of an era’ feeling.

If your children are heading back to school this week, how are you all feeling about it?


Living Arrows
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