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If I won the lottery

After watching Frozen again recently, Nerys has been asking if we can live in a castle, when we move from the house we live in at the moment.

Not wanting to completely dash her hopes, I’ve been saying that we’ll have to see, maybe we could live in a castle one day.

The thing is though, even if we won millions on the lottery or on lottoland, I don’t think I would want to live in a huge house, let alone a castle!  I mean, I would like a bigger house with more space for all of us, but I really don’t think I would want to live somewhere overly big.

It has got me thinking though, what would I want to do if we ever won the lottery?

If I won the lottery...

We would buy a house.  With enough space for all of us.  I would love the children to have a playroom, for Steve to have a den of sorts and I would love a home office and, as sad as this sounds, I would really love a utility room!

After that we would put money aside for the children for the future.  And we would make sure our family were sorted.

With the more practical things taken care of, then I would have a bit of fun.

I would take all my family away to the South of France for a holiday, to reminisce about all the summers we spent there growing up.

We would treat the children to a holiday to Disney.

I would treat myself to a top of the range camera and some amazing lenses.  Then I would take them somewhere to track down the northern lights.

Thinking about it, I would spend more of the money on doing things than having things.  We don’t really need that much ‘stuff’, but there are so many fun, amazing things we could go and do and experience together if money wasn’t an issue.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Disclaimer: this post is written in collaboration with Lottoland.

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