Cultural visit to London

Ideas for a cultural weekend away in London

London is such a diverse city with all sorts of things to do. You can spend your trip looking around all of the tourist attractions like Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and the London Dungeons.

If that doesn’t take your fancy, you can take a historical tour and visit places like the HMS Belfast museum or maybe take a history walk. Maybe none of that interests you and what you’re really looking for is a great cultural experience.

The good news is, you can find that in London as well. These are some of the best cultural attractions that the city has to offer.

Ideas for a cultural weekend away in London


London is packed full of some amazing art galleries showcasing work from some of the best artists around the world. If your tastes are more traditional, the Tate is the perfect place to start. You can also visit the Tate Modern if you’re interested in something more contemporary.

Both of those galleries are completely free so they’re ideal for a budget trip. Galleries are a great place to go with the family so you can give your kids a new experience in London. There are some other great galleries like the Saatchi but you do have to pay admission and it’s not ideal for kids because some of the exhibits are a bit out there.



Seeing a show in London is a brilliant experience and if you’ve never done it before, you should absolutely make it a priority on your next trip. There is such a huge range from family friendly musicals to classic Shakespeare so whatever your tastes, you should be able to find something that suits you. The only problem is, the tickets are quite pricey sometimes.

However, if you look for last minute theatre tickets, London shows don’t have to be that expensive. You can usually get cheap seats from as little as £15 which is a lot less than you’d pay if you booked through the normal sites.



There are plenty of interesting museums in London and the great thing is, most of them are completely free. The biggest and best known is the British Museum and you could spend days lost in there. They’ve got some great exhibitions that span all different periods of history and the artefacts that they’ve got on show there are incredible. The Rosetta Stone, the Lycurgus Cup and the real life mummies that they’ve got in there are some of the best highlights.

You’ve got the Natural History Museum as well where you can see a giant T-Rex skeleton which is sure to be a hit if you’re visiting with the kids. There are loads of other exhibitions on all sorts of different animals so if you and the family love wildlife, this is the best museum for you.

If you’re interested in science, you should definitely visit the London Science Museum while you’re there. It’s great for kids because there are lots of interactive exhibitions that they can get stuck into, as well as an interesting display on the future of space travel.


If you’re looking for a cultural weekend away in London, these are some of the best attractions to visit.

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