A weekend of firsts for children in London

The other day in the car on the way to school Rhys started asking if we could go and see Big Ben.

Not sure where that came from, but he seemed really quite excited about the idea!  So I told him that maybe in the summer holidays we could go and stay with his grandparents in Kent, and head into London one day for a bit of sight seeing.

The children have never been into London and while I’m a bit nervous about the thought of taking them, it’s also quite exciting.  There is so much to see and do there, and I really do love the atmosphere in the city.

If you’re thinking of taking your children into London for a weekend, then you might also want to take the opportunity to squeeze in a few other ‘firsts’ with them.  Here are some ideas of first-time experiences you could try.

Their first big show

Your children may have experienced a theatre show before now.   I mean, all those pantomimes count don’t they?  But, theatre doesn’t get much better than the west-end of London. Here, you’ll find shows like Les Miserables and The Lion King. These are top-end shows, with top-end actors and actresses to boot. Experiencing one of these could lead to a lifelong love of theatre in any child.


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As this is their first big show, you may not know which would be best. So when you try and decide, think about your child’s tastes. Is there an actor they particularly like? If there is then a show starring that person is bound to be a hit! Or, perhaps there’s a story they particularly enjoy. If there’s a theatre version running then try and take them to see it, a familiar story might be more appealing to little ones.

Their first music concert

We all remember our first music concert. It’s a big deal and a big step towards adulthood. As such, their first music show is something your kids will take into later life. Why not make it the best it can be by choosing one in London? You could take them in at the deep end with a trip to the O2 Arena in Peninsula Square. This has been the world’s busiest venue since 2008 and hosts some fantastic stars. As it’s so popular, there are plenty of restaurants and hotels around, too. So, you could focus your weekend around the event.


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Or, perhaps you want to keep things more modest. Such a big gig as a first experience could, after all, be overwhelming. An option like the O2 in Shepherds Bush might be a better bet. This venue has a capacity of 2000, so it won’t get too crowded. And, you’ll still be okay for sleeping. All you’ll need to do is choose a Hotel in Shepherds Bush instead. Bear in mind, though, that smaller venues don’t host such big names. So it may be harder to choose a concert to suit your child’s tastes. 

Their first art gallery

London is home to some absolutely amazing art. If your child has a creative flair, use this chance to take them to their first gallery. There are many to choose from. Most notable are Tate Modern in Millbank, and The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.

I love the idea of taking my children to an art gallery, to introduce them to all the different styles of painting and art work that there is out there.  They are both quite creative and I think they would love wandering round and looking at different artists’ work.


So there you have it, three ideas for ‘firsts’ you can experience with your children on a trip to London.  Which would your children enjoy the most?


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