Hide your chocolate stash

The trick you need to know to keep your secret chocolate stash hidden

There’s a joke I’ve seen a few times since I’ve become a parent, about how our children can’t hear us when we ask them to put their shoes on 15 times but they can hear a chocolate wrapper being opened from the other side of the house.

If you find in your family that your supplies of chocolate are constantly being raided by your children (and most likely your partner) then this sneaky trick is for you.  It’s an idea for the perfect hiding place to keep your stash a secret.


Get your favourite chocolate bars and stash them inside the packaging of a really healthy food item that your children will never voluntarily open up.

I’m thinking things like the box of Ryvita in the cupboard.  Or tuck the chocolate behind the veg in the fridge.  If you like your chocolate frozen then you can hide it in an empty bag of frozen vegetables.


Of course if your children are little health nuts then you might want to find a different place to hide your secret pile of chocolate bars.

Or maybe you’ve been rumbled and need to find a new spot.

In that case here are some ideas for other places you can stash your chocolate:

  • In a container tucked away with the cleaning supplies
  • At the bottom of a box of cereal that the children don’t like.  Think Beth hiding the piles of cash in Good Girls
  • The back of your underwear drawer
  • Under your bed
  • At the back of your filing cabinet/with all the boring paperwork
  • Bottom of a tissue box
  • Behind the books on the shelf, or get a hollow book to hide them in


The important thing here is to hide things well enough that your children don’t find them, but not so well that you forget where you’ve hidden them.


Do you ever hide treats from your family?  Where’s the best hiding place you’ve come up with?

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