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I may have mentioned this before, but I really love baking with my children.

So I was really excited when I was offered the chance to review some children’s baking kits from Vivid imaginations.

The first set we unpacked was the ‘Great baking set’ and Nerys and I had a great time testing it out one rainy day recently.

The set is made up of the following items:

  • 1 large bowl
  • 1 small bowl
  • 1 suction cup, to keep the bowls steady on the table, genius!
  • 3 measuring spoons
  • 1 egg cracker
  • 1 silicone baking tray
  • 16 little cupcake cases
  • 4 piping bags
  • 1 icing nozzle


So basically, it includes everything you need to get started with baking, although a little wooden spoon would make a great addition to the set.

My first impression of the baking set was really positive.  

Everything feels nice and sturdy and I love the bright, funky colours!

The bowls, measuring cups and little baking tray are all really handy bits of baking kit to have for cooking with children.

But the thing I really love?  The egg cracker!

I’ve not seen anything like it before!

Basically, you pop an egg between the arms of the cracker, press firmly down on the yellow button and hey presto.  The egg cracks into the little bowl below and the shell stays put.

We used 2 eggs in our recipe, and both times the eggs cracked perfectly with no little bits of shell making it through at all.


Now I have to admit, I’ll normally crack the eggs open myself when I bake with Rhys and Nerys, and even then I quite often find little bits of shell that I have to fish out.  So this little device is great for giving them a way to crack the eggs without making a mess.

And honestly, it’s really good fun!

We stuck with our standard fairy cake recipe when we tested out the great baking set, although we did throw in a good amount of cocoa powder too.  Well, we had to test out the measuring spoons in some way!  So yeah, that’s about 1/4 cup of cocoa powder going in.  Yum!

great baking set 2

One thing I will say about the set is that the bowls provided are child size.  

So they’re really not big enough to hold all the mixture if you’re following a standard recipe for something like fairy cakes.

So we mixed everything up in a big bowl, then I transferred some into a bowl from the set for Nerys to add some chocolate chips and then spoon that mixture into the cake cases.

Again, the cake cases are teeny, and the silicone baking tray only holds 4 at a time, which could be a bit annoying if you’ve got impatient little ones who just want cake!

But the way I see it, this set is designed to be used to introduce children to baking and to start teaching them different skills.

And I think it worked really well, the way we did it.

Nerys had her independence to make some little fairy cakes by herself, and I made some standard sized ones for the grown ups!

She did such a good job spooning the mixture into the cases and was, quite rightly, very proud of herself when she saw the end result.

teeny fairy cakes

I mean, come on, how cute are these little cakes!

We iced the little ones with our usual white icing and Nerys then decorated them with little chocolate beans.

For the big cakes though I decided to try my hand at using a piping bag for the first time, using the bags and nozzle that came in the baking set.  I made up a quick chocolate buttercream and got to work, and I’m quite pleased with how they turned out.

I mean, I’m not going to be on bake off anytime soon but still, I think they look pretty good!

great baking set 3

All in all I think the great baking set is a lovely little kit for getting children involved and interested in baking alongside adults in the kitchen.

And don’t tell anyone but I think I’ll be making use of the egg cracker next time I’m making scrambled eggs for lunch!

A little note – the kit is aimed at children aged 6+, so if like me you decide to use it with younger children please do make sure you supervise them at all times.

Disclosure – We were sent the great baking set for the purposes of this review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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