The firsts that are yet to come

The firsts that are yet to come

Since Nerys turned 2 she seems to be moving further away from the baby days at great speed.  Which makes me feel like a lot of those wonderful ‘firsts’ that you get to experience with a baby are behind us.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time recently reflecting on this, and wondering, ‘are the baby days behind us?‘.  And it’s made me feel a little sad.  Rhys is looking more grown up by the day, and Nerys seems to be catching him up fast and I do miss the early, new baby days with them both.  But I’ve started to shift my focus and, rather than stay in the past, think about all the amazing ‘firsts’ that we still have to look forward to, the firsts that are yet to come.

The firsts that are yet to come


The first day (and night) with no nappies.

This is one of those firsts that feels a bit bittersweet, because it marks the end of another part of the ‘baby stage’.  But I’m quite excited about it really.  Rhys was relatively late at potty training, but I think Nerys is nearly ready to start trying.  And I’m quite happy at the thought of not needing a stockpile of nappies and wipes around the house for the first time in 5 years!


The first joint sleepover at Nana and Pop’s house.

Rhys has slept overnight at his Grandparents’ house quite a few times in the last few years, but Nerys has been a bit more of an unreliable sleeper so we’ve not packed her off there yet!  The time is coming though.  She’s sleeping much better these days and has been asking if she can have a bath and go to bed at Nana’s house soon.

The first night that both children spend the night there together will definitely be a strange one, but the thought of waking up of my own free will rather than being woken by a shouting child is a wonderful thought indeed!


The first holiday as a family of 4.

We’ve travelled to Kent as a foursome to see my family at Christmas, and before Nerys was born we took Rhys to Morroco and to the Isle of Man, but we’ve not been on a proper holiday as a family of four yet.

This is a first I’m really looking forward to, whether it’s another trip to the Isle of Man, or just a weekend away somewhere here in Wales, I think we’ll have a lot of fun altogether, letting Rhys and Nerys explore somewhere new together.


The first ‘big day out’.

We tend to stay quite local at the weekends, and during the school holidays even we mostly spend our days at the park, or the beach.  So we’ve not really done any ‘big days out’ with Rhys and Nerys yet.  But this is something I would love to start doing now that they’re of an age to really enjoy trips out and for it to not be too stressful for us (Rhys was a real ‘runner’ as a toddler so taking him anywhere really was quite stressful!).

I have a list of places I want to go to as a family, including the zoo and an aquarium with one of those tunnels that you walk through that goes under the water!  I know I would have a great time there, and can just picture the children’s faces seeing all the animals and fish for the first time.


The first challenges overcome.

I remember the first time Rhys was brave enough to tackle the fireman’s pole at the park all by himself.  I think I have a video of it actually.  I was so proud of him, because he’d be scared of it for so long.

At that same park recently Nerys climbed up the rope ladder all by herself and without hesitation slid down the helter skelter slide.

These little challenges have been huge to the children, and it’s amazing to watch them persevere and work to overcome them.  I’m really looking forward to watching them handle themselves against all the other challenges they’ll face as they grow up.

Parents of older children, what other firsts have I got to look forward to?  And parents with little ones, what firsts are you excited to watch your children experience?


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