Find the right childcare for your family

The easy way to find the right childcare for your family

I think if there’s one thing that all parents can agree on it’s that family life is a juggling act.

And just when you think you’ve got everything kind of under control, a new ball will come along that you have to figure out how to keep in the air with all the others!  A lot of the time the stress we feel as parents is down to needing to find childcare for our families.

It might be that both parents will be going out to work so you need to find a long-term childcare solution.  Or it could be that you find out that the wedding you’re really looking forward to going to is adult-only, so you need to find a babysitter for the evening.

Whatever your situation is though, there is a brilliant website that can help you find the right childcare for your family. has been designed to be really easy to use, to help take some of the stress of juggling family life away.


The site launched back in 2009 and over 2 million people have registered to use them since then, so they’re clearly doing something right.

I think one of the best things for me about is that they have so many different childcare options listed.  So whether you’re looking for a nursery, a babysitter, a nanny or a childminder you’ll be able to find them there.

What’s really great is that you can even find tutors on there, so if your child needs any extra help with their schoolwork you can find someone locally who can help.  I did a quick search for tutors within 1 mile of my house and found 10 people, which is amazing for such a small search area.

Each childcare provider on the site has their own personal profile that tells you a little bit about them and lists their experience, qualifications, rates and availability.  Most people also have a photo attached to their profile which I really like to be able to get to know them that little bit more before you make contact.


If you’re just doing some initial looking around to see what options are available for you, then you don’t need to sign up or anything.

Just put your postcode in the search box on the homepage and select what type of childcare you’re looking for then click the ‘search now’ button and you’ll get a list of all the available options.

If that first search is too broad for you then you’ll find more search options at the top of that results page.

So say you’re looking for a babysitter.

You pick that option from the first dropdown menu.

Then put in your postcode and the search area you want included.  You can leave it at that, or you can filter even further for things like babysitters with first aid training, weekend babysitters or even Montessori trained babysitters.

I love how you have the option to do a big, broad search so you can see all the options, but also how easy it is to narrow the search right down if you do have specific requirements.

When I searched for a babysitter within 5 miles of my home in the first search I found 171 options, within seconds.

On the one hand, that is quite incredible.  I had no idea there were that many possible babysitters near me!

But on the other hand, that list is quite overwhelming and I wouldn’t really know where to start picking someone out of all those choices.  So I had some fun narrowing things down by picking different options.

If I wanted someone who could babysit in the evening, then there were 138 people to choose from.  And there are 82 within 5 miles of me who could babysit overnight if we needed them to.  And if I wanted someone to look after my children for an hour or two so I could go for a smear test there is even someone in my area who offers that very specific service.

So, basically, whatever I needed in a babysitter I could find in a matter of minutes on

If you find someone that you would like to get in touch with then you do need to sign up for an account before you can message them.  But this is completely free to do and really simple.  Then once you have your account you can start to message people and take the next steps to setting up the childcare arrangements that best suit you and your family.


What I love about this website, apart from the huge amount of childcare options available, is how easy it is to see what each option has to offer.

The design is lovely and clean, with all the information you need for each option laid out really clearly, so you can quickly find out what you need to know about a person’s experience and availability.

When you’re a busy parent, anything that saves you time is worth looking in to, and is a great time-saving tool for anyone looking to find the right childcare solution for their family.


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