My dream adult-only space

Most parents know that feeling when your children are finally in bed, and quiet, and you can breathe a sigh of relief as you sink into the sofa.  The problem in my house is that the sofa is in the lounge, which also doubles as a play room for the children.  So the view from the sofa into which I’ve sunk is often of toys, and half-finished drawings and school bags and so on.

Not quite as relaxing as I would like.

I dream one day of having enough space in our house to have an adult only room.  A lounge completely free of toys and games and crayons and the like.  Well, that was the dream, until Boo Roo and Tigger too planted the seeds for an even better dream.  They’ve teamed up with Tiger Sheds and challenged bloggers to dream up their ideal adult-only space based around the gorgeous sheds and cabins available from Tiger Sheds.

My child-free lounge dream seems like nothing now, compared to the idea of a whole wooden cabin in the back garden, decorated to be a completely adult-only space to relax in.

So now I have this new and improved dream for my child-free space – a Bengal corner cabin from Tiger Sheds in the garden.

wood cabin

I love the idea of it being tucked into a corner of the garden.  It just feels extra cosy, which is the vibe I would go for with it.

With this being a completely child-free zone, I would furnish it with nice things that just wouldn’t be safe around the children.  Luke Danes was right, children always have jam hands, even if there’s not any jam in the house.  So my adult-only space would have gorgeous furniture like this patchwork knit chair.

‘Bevis’ Patchwork Knit Chair by Melanie Porter at not on the high street.

It just looks so soft and comfortable, and in a colour that just wouldn’t be safe around jam hands!

To really cosy things up I would have a blanket box overflowing with throws and blankets.  Although I would have one old faithful that would be used more than the others, like this gorgeous crocheted blanket that my friend has for sale in her etsy shop.

Crocheted blanket by JoJoDesignsOnline at Etsy

I love the idea of filling this little space with things like that, one of a kind pieces that make it all a little bit special.

Now, I would love to claim that this little cabin of mine would be a place I would go in the evenings to read and be all highbrow.  But really, I would set it up with electricity so I could put a tv and dvd player in and spend a few hours out there watching old boxsets like Gilmore Girls, or Alias, or even Dawsons Creek.

This would be a place for me to really switch off and those kind of shows that I have seen over and over again are just perfect easy viewing.

To create the extra cosy vibe to relax in I would have soft, low lighting from a couple of simple table lamps and some fairy lights draped around the place.

Fairy light orbs by Lights4fun at not on the high street

These fairy light orbs from not on the high street would be absolutely perfect dotted around the cabin, giving off that pretty little glow.

The last thing I would add is either a coffee machine or a kettle for making plenty of hot drinks to last me the evening.

Now, I’m aware that I’ve not mentioned Steve in any of this.

He would of course be welcome to come and relax in my cabin with me, but as this is my dream space I really am imagining it as MY cabin!  He would most likely have one of his own in the other corner of the garden, hooked up to the wifi so he could work on his 3D design projects undisturbed and with a fridge full of different ales for him to enjoy while he worked.

What would your ideal adult-only space be like?


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  1. Kate 30/11/2017 / 5:08 pm

    Love the chair in particular!

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